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Welcome to Northmark

Craftsmanship in Wood

Northmark is owned and operated by Ian Starks, based in a modern, well-equipped workshop in Lincolnshire. Ian was college trained as a furniture and cabinet maker and after qualifying has gained well over 25 years experience working in the furniture and allied trades. Much of Ian’s work over the years has been destined for clients in the Middle East, Japan and North America.

Northmark offers a complete personal service where every piece of work is carried out by Ian to precisely satisfy each client’s individual needs, which may range from a veneered rosewood drum table to fitted bedroom furniture in pine, for example.

Northmark can bring clients’ ideas to life and turn them into reality, resulting in an exclusive item of furniture that will combine elegance and beauty to enhance any room. Likewise, if repair or renovation of damaged furniture is required or specialised joinery is needed, the same principles apply.